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Author with Cerebral Palsy Shares How Her Virtual Relationships Can Be More Meaningful

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Today I am traveling virtually to Tariq Khan’s Kitchen Table in Houston, Texas. We met during Liz Strauss’ interview with me. My comment, “Look beyond what is wrong with me and see what is right. You may be pleasantly surprised,” caught his attention and prompted him to write Choosing to Live Rather Than Whine.

Tariq then kindly invited me to come to chat around his kitchen table. Isn’t that where the most meaningful, interesting and engaging discussions are held? Not in the board room or government house! During our time together, I shared my challenges when relating to people face-to-face, my frustrations in dealing with misconstrued stereotypes and how the web has enabled me to have deeper relationships.

Please kindly welcome Tariq to the blogoshpere by reading some of his other posts and leaving your comments. His writing offers much wisdom.

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Comment by Tariq Khan

March 7, 2007 @ 6:56 pm


Thank you for your gracious words, but also for your inspiration.

It was my privilege to talk with you at my table. I appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to come by and grace it with your presence. You are a joy to talk with. You have courage, good character and a heart that cares for people — a very rare combination in what I think is an increasingly fractured society. However, our society has great hope as long as people like you keep writing and spreading your message of hope, courage and commitment to good, lasting relationships.

I wish you all the best for your tour, the sale of your book, and for all of your life and endeavors.

I’ll drop by on your blog as I can, and you are always welcome at The Kitchen Table.

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