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Flushing Away Gunk to Freedom

Filed under: Motivation — by at 5:22 pm on Monday, February 18, 2008

My kitty Faith, the gunk producer

A messy kitty litter box greeted me this morning. I decided to deal with it right away to get it out of the way. I dumped the biodegradable, flushable litter down the toilet, regrettably realizing that, perhaps, that much at one may not, in fact, be flushable at one time. The toilet was plugged. Badly. One more flush and gunk would have overflowed all over the bathroom floor. Good morning to you, too!

I left it for a while.

In between following up with clients about payment, seeking a featured guest for Wednesday’s Readers’ Café (any takers?), and participating in another teleconference for a non-profit in the throes of buying a building, I kept running to the bathroom to flush, hoping a little more gunk would go down.

After the teleconference, I needed to get serious about the matter. Things were getting desperate! Leaning over the bowl, pushing down on the plunger with all of my strength, I remembered something my friend Liz Strauss wrote in an email this weekend: Sometimes you need to get pissed off! Damn it, I wasn’t going to let a bowl full of rude gunk beat me! I kept plunging that thing up and down until I felt my heart was going to burst out my neck. Finally the sound that music to ears at times like these! The gunk flushed away.

What a relief to flush that stuff away. A sense of triumph. Talk about independence!

What gunk do you need to flush away to feel a little freer, to be a little more independent today?

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Comment by Karen Putz

February 18, 2008 @ 6:13 pm

Well, I’d like someone to come in my office and take all the gunk away and bring it back in a neat, organized total makeover. Then I’d like someone to train me to keep it that way.

Comment by Liz Strauss

February 18, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

I just told a friend today that when we realize that we’re not in control, we sometimes sit back and think “oh, that’s the way it is.” But if we want to get where we’re going we have to get mad and take control of our life back again. Maybe we need to get mad at ourselves for giving it up in the first place. But one second of madness is sheer release and power. That puts us back in the driver’s seat again!

Comment by Glenda

February 18, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

Karen, that would be nice, wouldn’t it! Andrea Flowers worked with me to tame my desk and I’ve been able to keep it organized. She’s amazing, definitely a miracle worker!

Liz, I agree it takes getting mad at times. Boy, I let that plunger have it this afternoon!

Comment by Kumar

February 22, 2008 @ 4:43 am

Sometimes rather the getting mad its better to look for alternatives.

Probably plunger is the not correct tool. Or we can call the plumber who will do a better job.


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