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Things That Make Me Go Hmm…or When Accessibility Bylaws and Common Sense Aren’t in Sync

Filed under: Accessibility 100 — by at 11:52 pm on Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Accessibility 100 postToday being another glorious summer day, Darrell and I did our favourite road trip in reverse for a change. Taking the Skytrain into downtown Vancouver to Waterfront Station. We enjoyed the easy-to-manoeuvre seawall path around Coal Harbour, a spot I love.

After an accessible pit stop at the Westin Bayshore, we cut across the West End to English Bay. While searching for an accessible route down to the seawall, I spotted a wheelchair parking space in a pay parking lot. Surely a wheelchair accessible route down to the beach would be in close proximity.

Wheelchair parking with only stair access to beach

Upon further exploration, I discovered a fairly new looking curb cut to a fairly new path leading to…stairs.


More searching did not reveal an accessible route. Am I on candid camera? What am I missing? Who is trying to stump the disabled?

No doubt the city’s bylaws require at least one wheelchair parking space in each parking lot.

Admittedly, non-wheelchair users are legally entitled to park in these spaces, provided they have a valid parking permit. These individuals might have heart conditions, arthritis or other impairments limiting mobility.

 However, a sign indicating “No wheelchair access to beach” would inform wheelchair users that there is no pointing parking here, unless they are looking to spend their day in the parking lot.

Darrell and I backtracked a couple of blocks and headed down the bicycle path to the seawall. With cyclists whizzing by us, the odd one cursed for being in the cyclist lane. Seriously.

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Comment by Para Graphia

September 11, 2011 @ 3:51 pm

Hi Glenda, that does seem mind bogglingly silly yes I agree a sign so you don’t bother getting out of the car if there is nowhere to actually go in your wheelchair……i do appreciate the accessible transit in Vancouver, another area you may like begins at the Olympic Village Skytrain station, head towards the water under the Cambie bridge on the bike/walking path..there is a lovely area with some wild natural places and garden art projects all the way to Science World, with the handy main st skytrain station nearby. Yes alas attitudes are not always what they could be, as the grumpy bus driver strapped in my chair to the bus yesterday he mumbled ‘nothing but trouble’, i called him sir the entire time, and still said thank you when I got off the bus!

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