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My Summer Plans: Click, Sip and Connect

Filed under: General — by at 2:06 pm on Monday, May 13, 2013

Tree with purple blossoms

Now in Week 2 of pumping iron, I am realizing this will likely be a slow process. The nightly jumpy legs and the vague aches are gone (for the most part), but I am still moving slower than a sloth. With this in mind, I’ve decided I am going to enjoy this summer locally without any crazy deadlines looming.

I am going on as many photo wheels with my husband as we can handle. Possible locations include Holland Park (in our ‘hood), Central Park in Burnaby, New West Quay (although crossing the railway tracks in wheelchairs can get dicey when a wheel gets stuck), False Creek and Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver. Other suggestions are most welcomed.

I am going to enjoy as many iced mochas as I can. Those are definitely habit-forming. (“Hi, I am Glenda. I am a mochaholic. Although, lately, I find myself reaching for the hard stuff: iced coffee – caffeine on ice without the frilly whipped cream and chocolate syrup.”) Become an enabler and join me! Seriously. If we’re overdue for getting together or if we have yet to meet, let’s remedy that, this summer.

I am going to be content being a motivational speaker who writes, for now.

What are your plans for this summer?

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Comment by Val Rainey

May 13, 2013 @ 3:45 pm

Well Miss Glenda for starters I am finishing volume one of the Sunshine Collection called Fun and Frolic and in late June Brian and I are headed to Saskatoon to his granddaughter’s high school grad and then it’s onward and eastward to the Muskoka district of Ontario!

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