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The iPad: My Ticket to SXSW!

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SXSW: South by SouthWest Music & Film, Interactive

Thank you to everyone who supported my proposal to South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference!

Breaking News…

I am off to Austin, Texas, in March 2011! Yes!

This morning the second round of 2000 SXSW sessions was announced. My presentation title The untapped iPad Market: Is Your Site POUR? is on the list!

Presentation Description

For the masses, the iPad is the latest, hottest, must-have toy. But, for people with disabilities the iPad is life changing: enabling communication, unlocking minds and fostering independence. However in purchasing these devices lays the challenge: oftentimes websites with product information are inaccessible to this market, which has a discretionary spending power of $175 billion in the United States alone.

The session’s goals are to identify some barriers people with disabilities regularly face, making it difficult to participate fully online; explain the four guiding principles of what makes blogs and websites accessible; and offer key questions to begin asking and what resources exist to make sites more accessible to this under tapped market. By giving short vignettes of how people with disabilities are using iPads, faces are put to the size of this disability market – and putting faces to the need for web accessibility. This brings alive the technical requirements and guiding principles of web accessibility.

Questions Answered
  1. How is the iPad life-changing for many people with disabilities?
  2. What is the size of the disability market and its spending power?
  3. What are the barriers people with disabilities face online?
  4. What are the four guiding principles to creating accessible websites and blogs?
  5. Where do I start in making my website or blog accessible?

Now the work begins…

Thanks again everyone for your support! I am truly blessed.

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When a Topic Outgrows a Blog…Start a New Blog!

Filed under: Blog Accessibility,Blogging — by at 8:35 pm on Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early last year I declared my intention to combine two passions – my love for blogging as a way for communicating and sharing and my experience and expertise in the field of web accessibility – to assist bloggers in creating blogs accessible to everyone.

I did write several posts here on blog accessibility. However, I was continually torn between risking driving away my non-bloggy readers and not developing the topic in enough detail to build a following in that area. The topic desperately needed its own space.

The solution?

I did what almost any blogger in a similar situation would do…last month I launched Blog Accessibility where I can completely dive into the topic, explore it in depth and really serve those bloggers who want to make their blogs accessible to people with disabilities.

This week I began a post series entitled “The 7 Sins of Inaccessible Blogs” and I’ve relaunched Blog Accessibility Mastermind. If you’re curious how to make your blog accessible to people with disabilities who have $175 billion in discretionary spending power in the United States alone, please join me over at Blog Accessibility.

For those of you who have no interest in techy, bloggy stuff, have no fear! This blog isn’t going anywhere – I’ll still be blogging here too. If you have any burning questions I’ve yet to address on this blog, ask away…

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SXSW: Requesting Your Vote for My Next Adventure

Filed under: Blog Accessibility,Social Media — by at 10:13 pm on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And for my next adventure…presenting at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas, in March 2011!

I submitted my speaker’s proposal in early July. Because SXSW is a community-driven event, acceptance of my proposal is determined by three factors:

  • 30% by SXSW staff,
  • 40% by the Advisory Board – a group of industry professionals from across the US and around the world,
  • 30% by you, my loyal readers and fans!

Voting is now open until Friday, August 27,  2010, at 11:59pm central time. To vote, you’ll need to create a account (name, email and password). (The Panel Picker interface is experiencing a few hiccups today. Please persist!)

Any comments on my proposed topic "The Untapped iPad Market: Is Your Site POUR?" are greatly appreciated so that I can prepare a rockin’ presentation! If you’d like to provide feedback but not create an account, feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below. Although your vote would be appreciated.

How can you help?

Thanks kindly!

Hopefully I will be off to Austin in March…

(This post was drafted on my iPad while waiting in the dentist office. I’m lovin’ it!)

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BAM! Creating a Blogosphere for All

Filed under: Blog Accessibility,Blogging — by at 9:00 am on Monday, June 14, 2010

Blog Accessibility MastermindAfter a year in the making and too many late nights these past couple of weeks, I am excited to announce that Blog Accessibility Mastermind is being launched today!

Blog Accessibility Mastermind is an innovative online course and mastermind experience, introducing bloggers to the concepts of web accessibility and providing them with easy-to-implement techniques for increasing their blogs’ accessibility to include individuals with disabilities — a whopping 18% of the population.

Without further ado, twelve mentors, peers and friends – Chris Garrett, Liz Strauss, Grant Griffiths, Des Walsh, Mary-Lynn Foster, Terry Starbucker, Tris Hussey, Todd Jordan, John Haydon, Jennison Asuncion, Deb Brown and Duane Storey – have been invited to cut the ribbon via Twitter to officially launch Blog Accessibility Mastermind.

A collage of head shots and red ribbon

Join with me for Blog Accessibility Mastermind to increase your readership and to pioneer a blogosphere for all!

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Announcing Blog Accessibility Mastermind: Combining Two Passions to Create an Accessible Blogosphere

Filed under: Blog Accessibility,Work — by at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Earlier this year, I posted my 21 goals for making 2010 awesome, with #3 being to launch my <still secret project>. After a year in the making, I am excited to announce my secret project!

The idea came to me shortly before SOBCon last year, and the overwhelming response to my presentation confirmed I was heading in the right direction. I then spent the summer taking a course from Yaro Starak to learn from the best how to create what I wanted to create. I even resigned from a Board of Directors of an organization that I believe in to minimize the distractions and demands on my time. However, other distractions did come along, and when there’s money attached to them, it’s difficult to say no.

Jon Swanson, Deb Brown, Becky McCray, Paul Merrill and Glenda Watson Hyatt gathered in Jon's church office
(Photo credit: Jon Swanson.)

While at the retreat with the Random Twitter People (Paul Merrill, Deb Brown, Becky McCray, and Jon Swanson) in early May, brainstorming occurred, ideas clarified and questions asked, resulting in a launch date boldly set. (Gulp! Several anxious moments have since followed.)

This project combines two of my passions: my passion for blogging and all of the magic and power to connect people that comes with blogging, and my passion for web accessibility, which has been my “day job” over the last twelve years, when I’m not blogging. My goal is to share what I do know about web accessibility with fellow bloggers to build an accessible, inclusive blogosphere.

On June 14th, I’m launching Blog Accessibility Mastermind – a six-lesson course introducing bloggers to the field of web accessibility and giving them ways to increase their blog’s accessibility, within the confines of their blog theme and blogging platform. This introductory level course at an one-time introductory price will be limited to 15 people. 

To be among the first in line when doors open on June 14th, be sure to download the free ebook “How POUR is Your Blog”. If you recently received a Blog Accessibility Mastermind News Byte entitled “Do Your Flashing Ads Cause Seizures”, then you are already in line. No further action is required.

More details coming shortly, but those with the ebook will have first dibs on the 15 seats. Go grab your copy now!

Meanwhile, I have a course to finish writing and a website to finish building…

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