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Every Life Should Be Blessed with a Little Buddy

Filed under: Motivation — by at 9:32 pm on Thursday, October 3, 2013

My new kitty BuddyWith a mix of happy and sad tears, I would like to introduce Faith’s successor: Buddy!

The Kitty Stork (aka foster mom Wendy) delivered Buddy to us Friday evening after I had a successful adoption interview that morning, which really wasn’t much of an interview at all. I think emailing a list of blog posts about Faith to the Application Manager helped to demonstrate my capacity to be a loving kitty mommy. Winking smile

Darrell and I then made a quick trip to the pet supply store for the essentials and not-so-essentials in preparation for the Kitty Stork’s arrival:

The spoils of the first shopping trip for Buddy

That shopping trip was fun! Obviously, he will be loved lots.

Buddy sleeping on the couchOnly a little is known about Buddy’s background: his family could not afford him and chose to surrender him a few weeks ago. Because he is so cuddly and affectionate, I have no doubt that was a heartbreaking decision for them. But surrendering him to a lady who assists people on low incomes with their pets, who in turn handed him over to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA), was the best decision for this little guy. He will be well cared for and neutered; he won’t be contributing to the unwanted cat population.

Because VOKRA fosters all of their kitties in homes, I was concerned about getting to various homes to view the kitties. Yet, once again the Universe came through: Wendy had her first husband- and daughter-free weekend in years. She brought the kitty, formerly known as Sterling, to me on the agreement that I would be honest and tell her if he wasn’t the right kitty for me. As if! It was instant love.

Buddy is likely a Russian Blue, at least in part. His guessimated birth date is June 1st, making him now four months old. He is full of energy, as well as affection and purrs.

Buddy on Darrell's lapFor seventeen year, Darrell claimed that he is not a cat person. Within twenty-four hours, Buddy had blown hubby’s cover! Buddy jumps up on his lap for cuddles, pats and purrs. Darrell might not be a cat person, but he is definitely a Buddy person. Who knew! Smile

Buddy on Glenda's lapWhy Buddy?

The non-cat person started calling him Buddy until I could come up with a more suitable name. I didn’t have any potential names in mind when he arrived; I wanted to wait for the little guy to tell me who he is.

After a name like Faith, I kept thinking this little one needed a more significant name than Buddy. Upon further thought, I realized that everyone should be a blessed with a good, reliable friend who is there through the happy and sad times, the good and bad. A buddy. What is more significant than that! 

Welcome Buddy!

Buddy working it for the camera!

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