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I’ll Do It Myself: The Book

Glenda has cerebral palsy. A lack of oxygen at birth meant she would not be able to walk, her hands would not function well and her speech would be almost impossible to understand. Her parents were advised to institutionalize her. She wouldn’t amount to anything, the experts said.

Yet, this gutsy redhead proved them wrong. Glenda was integrated into a regular classroom long before mainstream was a buzzword. She went on to earn the Canada Cord, the highest award in Girl Guides, and the Outstanding Junior Student Award. The girl who could not walk won a gold medal in horseback riding!

How did she do it? Read Glenda’s inspiring autobiography I’ll Do It Myself! Glenda intimately shares her life story to show others cerebral palsy is not a death sentence, but rather a life sentence.

“The stories are wonderful. Even in the sad, painful ones, Glenda finds a way to identify the humour and irony in them.”
~~ Tony, Burnaby, BC

“There is nothing better than a wicked sense of humor, and Glenda has it in spades!”
~~ Jerry, Surrey, BC

“Glenda’s writing is amazing, when I was reading it, it was like… I felt like I was there with her. Glenda’s writing style is very comforting… like it pulls a person in, gives them a warm hug, and makes them want to crawl into bed to read more!”
~~ Faith, Virginia, USA

“…the most inspirational thing I’ve read in a very long time.
~~ Lucy, Missouri, USA

“I can relate to a lot of it as I also have cp. I always end up giggling too.
~~ Martin, South Africa

I’ve read quite a few of your book excerpts now and they are WONDERFUL! Good for you for taking on such a challenging project…. You are an inspiration. I love your descriptions and sense of humour – the one about dressing your mom up as a bag, is priceless.
~~ Joyce Sandilands, Whitlands Publishing

Download an excerpt edition of my autobiography I’ll Do It Myself. (Left click to open the free pdf or right click to ‘Save As’ to your computer.)

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I’ll Do It Myself by Glenda Watson Hyatt

I’ll Do It Myself – Ebook Edition
by Glenda Watson Hyatt

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I’ll Do It Myself by Glenda Watson Hyatt

I’ll Do It Myself
by Glenda Watson Hyatt
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I’ll Do It Myself – Large Print Edition

by Glenda Watson Hyatt
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