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Self-Published Author Succeeds in Getting into Bookstores

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Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. — Thomas Edison

I’ll Do It Myself by Glenda Watson Hyatt

When I was a young girl with the occasional bit of pocket money, I bought books such as Black Beauty and Alice in Wonderland at a small independent bookstore Black Bond Books. I dreamt that one day my book would be on those bookshelves too.

Last year, while I was still writing the manuscript for I’ll Do It Myself, I emailed Black Bond Books and asked if they accepted self-published books. (In hindsight, that was probably not the best way to ask the question.) The response was they typically don’t accept self-published works. Disappointed but not surprised because I was learning the self-published book was the illegitimate child of the publishing industry, I continued writing and proceeded with my plan to self publish my autobiography.

More recently and with encouragement from the Surrey Writers Group, I asked again if Black Bond would consider my book. This time I focused on the book’s message rather than on how it was published. After a delay of a few months and a gentle reminder from me, the response was positive! It was another “fall on my knees” moment along this book writing and self-publishing journey.

Yesterday I dropped off ten copies, which they are taking on consignment and will evaluate in sixty days. I’ll Do It Myself will be in local stores in time for Christmas! Please let Black Bond know they made a good choice!

Some times a “No” is not the final answer. “No” doesn’t necessarily mean failure. Some times you need to ask again, perhaps in another way or another person or at another time. Being persistent and driven, without being annoying, leads to success!

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Comment by Lori-ann

October 31, 2007 @ 11:38 am

Congratulations Glenda! You are living your dream!

Comment by Mary McD

October 31, 2007 @ 7:06 pm


This is great news! When I receive training for sales, my instructor tells me that “no” means “not yet” or “I don’t have a good enough reason to say yes”… this is the classic case of knowing when to push through to YES!


Comment by Joanna Young

November 1, 2007 @ 2:15 am

Congratulations Glenda 🙂

There are some parts of our dreams that are hard to explain, aren’t they, but I know just what you mean about the buzz of seeing your book on sale in a store that connects back to things that were and are important to you. (I was a Black Beauty fan myself – and of many other riding books though have never been on a horse! – and your reference immediately threw me back to my own imagination-rich, bookish childhood)


Comment by Cher

November 1, 2007 @ 4:15 am

Hi Glenda

You are an inspiration to us all!
It is so easy to complain about our daily lot until you read about somebody else’s daily walk through life.
Thanks for sharing your daily travails & tribulations, and how you surmount them…inspiring to say the least!

Good luck to you!

Comment by Ruth Ellison

November 2, 2007 @ 1:33 am

Congratulations! That is absolutely fantastic!

Comment by Loree

November 3, 2007 @ 11:11 pm

Congrats Glenda! I remember spending lots of my childhood riches at that book store!

Comment by Karla Meachem (Empowering Christian Women)

November 4, 2007 @ 8:46 am

Amen & amen!!!

What a blessing!


Comment by Karen Putz

November 5, 2007 @ 5:57 am

Congrats, Glenda!

Comment by Be a Good Daughter

November 8, 2007 @ 11:22 am

Amazing comment.
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Comment by Jasmine Turner

July 3, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

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