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Virtual Book Tour Takes Glenda to New Zealand

Filed under: Virtual Book Tour — by at 2:04 pm on Monday, February 19, 2007

Christchurch, New Zealand
From: Seattle Sister Cities

With my passport in hand, my virtual book tour finds me heading to Christchurch, New Zealand, to chat with Liz Lewis. For years, she has been saying she wanted to write for a living, but has never really done anything about it. Until now! This is the year Liz is going to make it happen. She is sharing her journey from dream to reality as she works towards becoming a successful freelance writer. Her ultimate goal is to kiss her day job goodbye and to be travel writer. That sounds like fun, Liz! Good luck. And remember, if you can dream, you can achieve it.

In my chat with Liz, I share my life living with cerebral palsy and how the written word is my contribution to society, as well as some advice on getting published. Feel free to leave a comment, sharing a thought or asking a question.

As an interesting side note, a time warp occurred with this interview. Being in New Zealand, Liz is 21 hours ahead of my time. When she posted the interview about noon on Monday here, it was still Sunday morning here. Harmony, a freelance writer from Maple Ridge (mere miles from where I am in Surrey), saw the interview and contacted me. Harmony and I are essentially neighbours, and we meet in New Zealand on Monday, while still enjoying our Sunday. Isn’t the blogoshpere amazing!

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Comment by Paige

February 19, 2007 @ 2:19 pm

Just a note to let you know how excited I am to have you joining the Virtual Coop Crew from Views from the Coop Online next Friday. We’re a curious bunch whose interests fall more often than not into the technology realm. I’m sure you have much to share about how technology has helped you maintain your independence as well as reach your goals. Your readers are welcome to join us at 10am CST (8am PST) and hear Kate tell your story!

Glenda adds: I’m looking forward to it! Imagine this non-verbal red-head doing an internet radio interview. Just hope the technology works!


Comment by Liz

February 19, 2007 @ 2:22 pm

Hi Glenda, thanks for the interview and sorry about the time jump. I have a lot of trouble working out the times – I have even put a time clock on my blog with different times for different places but still forget that down here in New Zealand, we are ahead of the rest of the world.

Look forward to following your travels and reading your books.

Happy travels… Liz

Glenda adds: not a problem, Liz! I appreciate you hosting the appearance. And it did make for an interesting story, which Harmony is including in her query letter to Chatelaine magazine! Thanks again.


Comment by Harmony

February 20, 2007 @ 3:13 pm

My query is sent – thanks for the mention in your blog Glenda!


Glenda adds: Awesome Harmony, thank you! I haven’t attempted query letters yet. What is the next step?

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