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Welcoming the New Year at Readers’ Café

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 Happy 2008
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Hi and welcome to the Readers’ Café – a place to gather and to share. Come enjoy one last round of holiday goodies before the exercise bikes and running shoes are pulled out of the closet.

There’s eggnog, mulled wine and other yummy goodies on the table. Please help yourself. Then sit back, take a deep breath and feel your worries melt away. Join in the conversation by posting comments below. We’re a friendly bunch; no need to be shy.

Hit your internet browser’s REFRESH button to see new comments as others join in the conversation. All that I ask is that you respect others and keep it relatively family-friendly. Also, keep in mind that this is a public space, so share what you feel comfortable sharing publicly.

Feel free to share your:

  • Best moments from 2007
  • New year’s resolutions
  • Dreams and goals for 2008
  • Word for 2008

Stay great in 2008!

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Resolution Revolution: My One Word for 2008

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Random letters: what is your word?
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The clock strikes midnight on a new year, filling people with renewed hope and optimism. They excitedly make resolutions, oftentimes after enjoying the festivities a little too much, of how they will change and what they will achieve in the coming year. By mid-January, the newness has lost its shine, credit cards begin flowing in, and it’s back to the same old grind. Those good intentions, enthusiasm and optimism fade away.

For this reason, I’m joining Christine Kane’s Resolution Revolution. The basic idea is to choose one word and let it guide you to take action throughout the year.

Reading Christine’s post, FOCUS was the first word that came to my mind loud and clear. I bounced around a few other words, while multi-tasking, before settling down to respond with a comment, but FOCUS kept shouting at me. To me, FOCUS entails minimizing my technologically-induced ADHD, decluttering and simplifying my surroundings, multi-tasking only when appropriate – tasks requiring my full attention will receive it. With FOCUS, I feel I can accomplish more of why I was put on this earth, and that will create inner peace because I’m doing what I’m meant to do. In turn, that will create a variety of wealth. I’m sensing FOCUS will be quite a powerful mantra for 2008.

What is your word for 2008?

Leave your word in a comment below or join us today at 4pm pacific / 7pm eastern to share your thoughts at Readers’ Café. Hope to see you there.

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Rolling the Credits – Part 2

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Hanging out tonight at Liz’s Open Mic Night, talking about blogging, while listening to my cd library now finally on my iPod, a thought struck: blogging is akin to performing live, while writing a book (in the traditional sense) is similar to recording an album in the studio.

Performing live, musicians draw upon the energy from their fans, and there is interaction between onstage and offstage. Performing live, more risk is involved: notes are missed, lyrics messed up, lead singer trips, or worse, wardrobe malfunctions. Other moments are purely magical and cannot be recreated.

Depending upon your approach to blogging, the same holds true: the blogger draws energy and inspiration from the interaction between her and her readers. Blogging is also risky: posts contain typos or are missing words, thoughts can be poorly communicated or incomplete, opinions can be too controversial, leaving the blogger open to a barrage of negative comments from throughout the blogosphere. Other posts result in overwhelming or unbelievable responses that can be life-altering.

Unlike live performances, most studio recordings are rehearsed, redone and remixed. Response from the fans is delayed until the entire album is released. The same goes for a printed book, which is rewritten, revised and reviewed until it reachesperfection as closely as is humanly possible. Readers’ reviews are months, if not years, away from when the writer puts the first words to paper.

Both forms have their place in music and in writing. I enjoy receiving emails and notes from those who have read my book. Some of their messages are so heartwarming and inspiring. I have each note safely tucked away in a folder. Equally, I’m enjoying the interaction and immediacy blogging. I value each reader who takes the time to read my words and to leave a comment. Your comments give me the energy to continue blogging and, for that, I thank you.

Continuing the list I began on New Year’s Eve, I would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions in making this live performance a success:

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