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An Equal Opportunity Halloween Story

Filed under: General — by at 12:46 pm on Friday, October 31, 2008

Sally had been dreading today’s meeting with her new client Mr. Poe for weeks. She was meeting him in his home. He was a recluse; a rich recluse. She couldn’t pinpoint it, but something about the address made her feel extremely uneasy.If she wanted this lucrative contract, then she had to meet him on his terms.

Sally arranged with her boyfriend, who would be writing in a nearby a cafe around the corner, to text message OK every fifteen minutes. If he didn’t receive a message, he’d come running.

Having been assured by Mr. Poe that his place was, indeed, accessible – his mother was in a wheelchair when she lived with him for a few years before passing away – Sally put final touches on her presentation and got ready to leave her home office. Of course, being the end of October, the weather was rainy and windy, which didn’t help to motivate Sally to head out to her van. The thought of being paid handsomely when the project was done was the only thing that pushed her out the front door.

She found a parking space right in front of Mr. Poe’s home. She wouldn’t get too soaked wheeling from her van to the home. Thank good for small mercies! Before exiting her van, she text message her boyfriend to let him she had made it that far and to begin the clock on the first fifteen minutes.

Wheeling up the decrepit wooden ramp, Sally hoped her front wheels didn’t find any holes that she missed seeing. Is the money really worth it, she wondered. Reaching the porch, the door automatically opened. Sally cautiously wheeled into the darkened foyer; her cell phone at the ready on her lap.

Out of nowhere a ghost-like aberration appeared at Sally’s eye level, scaring Sally right out of her skin. With her body trembling and her heart beating loudly in her throat, she wanted to run! Her hand was shaking too much to grab for her phone.

Welcome, we have been expecting you, the aberration voiced. There is no need to be frightened, my dear. Follow me. It then became a guiding light down an amazingly wide hallway.

Hesitantly Sally followed…

What happens next is up to you! Add to the story by leaving a comment below or by finishing the story on your blog.

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