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Ever dreamed of earning a full-time income from blogging?

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The Blogger & Podcaster Media NetworkLate breaking news!

TechCrunch has announced the upcoming launch of the Blogger & Podcaster Media Network, giving small-time bloggers and podcasters the opportunity to earn a big-time income!

The Blogger & Podcaster Media Network (BPMN) is organizing  thousands of small- and medium-sized bloggers into a single entity with critical mass and providing a uniquely powerful promotional solution to marketers. Putting power and money into the hands of the smaller blogger who comprise the blogosphere’s majority is the BPMN’s goal.

The BPMN aggregates blogs and podcasts into one directory, making it easy for the non-blogging-type to quickly find relevant content, and then sells space to advertisers. Unlike Google’s AdSense that does not publish what percentage of revenue they share, the BPMN projects to return 70% of net revenues back to its members. And no ads need appear on the blogs themselves!

The revenue sharing is in the form of an affiliate program. According to BPMN CEO Larry Genkin, "Beyond what they generate directly, members will also share in the revenue generated by bloggers and podcasters they’ve referred into the BPMN. On average, each member referred in to the BPMN will yield the referring member $500-$1,000 annually. With over 100 million bloggers worldwide and more than
170,000 being added daily, a six-figure income is truly within reach."

And, this is not an American-only opportunity. Bloggers worldwide have the same opportunity to earn a decent income from the BPMN’s affiliate program! Any active blogger or podcaster who creates content at least on a monthly basis and does not post spam, pornographic, distasteful or hateful material is eligible.

The only two obligations are that each member agrees to link to The Blogger & Podcaster Guide and the the first $5 of earned commissions each month will go to The Blogger & Podcaster Network to help offset operating costs. Other than that, there are no costs to join and no exclusivity or cancellation requirements. Members may join any other network that serves their needs and may cancel membership in the BPMN at any time.

Other benefits include:

  • All members signing up by December 31, 2008 receive stock should the BPMN have a successful IPO or is acquired for large sum of money.
  • Members will receive exclusive deals and promotions provided by BPMN partners. At launch this will include $2,000 in services from PR Newswire, a powerful promotional service.
  • Members will have access to healthcare coverage, enabling them to focus on their blogs/podcasts full-time while still protecting their families. (The specifics are still being worked out.)

The Blogger & Podcaster Media Network is being rolled out in phases. The first phase is getting members quickly signed up en masse so advertisers look to the BPMN when deciding their 2009 budgets.

When does registration for the Blogger & Podcaster Network start? Today! You can register to join right now!

When registering, please kindly enter my name Glenda Watson Hyatt in the "Referred By" field. Then begin inviting your friends and colleagues to register. From my understanding, further details will be emailed to you when they become available.

This opportunity could put me well on my way to becoming the Six-Figure Left Thumb Blogger! Will you join me?

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Comment by Mike

October 28, 2008 @ 8:46 pm

They are simply out of their minds this will never work. Sounds like a pyramid scheme that will make a very few some money and most none.

I hope they have had their business plan reviewed by a lawyer

Comment by Glenda

October 29, 2008 @ 3:30 pm

Mike, I had the same thought about it sounding like a pyramid scheme. I was told it is not. To be honest, right now I do not know if or how this concept will pan out. I’m waiting to hear more specifics. However, since there are no costs involved, I am curious to see where this goes and I have registered. Time will tell whether or not I did my readers a favour by writing this post.

Comment by Angel Cuala

November 1, 2008 @ 1:35 am

Mike may be right, Glenda. But as you said, it’s free so nothing to lose. I joined in using your referral, and let’s hope for the best.

By the way, I wish you can make a glimpse on my recent post about being a great (Ratatouille) blogger.

I made a small mention about you to inspire others. Hope you like it.


Comment by Mama Terapeuta

November 1, 2008 @ 4:54 pm

Well, you have inspired me as well. I like to think positive, so I’ve registered and also mentioned you. Lets hope it works! I think it makes sense. Thanks for the info, Glenda!

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