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I Miss My Mommy

Filed under: General — by at 1:10 pm on Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kitty Faith Hi everyone!

Faith here, Mommy’s Chief Feline Officer. Mommy is away at Las Vegas for a holiday and for BlogWorld.

After watching Mommy blog for a few years, I thought I’d try my paw at it. (Shh, don’t tell Mommy!) This blogging is pretty easy with Windows Live Writer. No more cursing HTML code, like Mommy used to do. In fact, this is the cat’s meow!

How am I doing?

Faith, the blogging cat I still miss Mommy though. Uncle Bob comes by every day to feed me and clean my litter box (hehe). But I always run and hide when he comes because I am scared of other people, except for Mommy and sometimes Daddy. But Uncle Bob doesn’t make me say PLEASE when he feeds me, like Mommy does. What’s up with humans saying please all of the time? But Mommy lets me lick peanut butter off of her left thumb in the mornings. She sure uses her left thumb a lot!

Oh, and she gives me treats. Sometimes she throws them for me. Other times she puts them on the corner of her desk for me to reach up and swat off. She is a good Mommy! I bring her toys, only when I want to, though.

Meow! Mommy and me will have a fun announcement in October, once she has recovered from her weekend in Castlegar. What’s a Castlegar? But I’m so excited, I’m purring just thinking about it! The thing is only Mommy’s email subscribers will hear about it first. Sooo, take your mouse (if only!) and go to the upper right corner of this page and subscribe to the emails. Hurry, do it before you forget! You know how you humans get sidetracked.

Faith licking her paw Sorry, I had to stop to wash my paw. It got dirty from typing.

Meow? Where was I?

Oh yes, the fun announcement! Did you sign up? And, if you’re on Twitter, would you do me a favour, <head bonk>? Would you tweet about this and ask your friends to sign up, <head bonk>? Whenever I try tweeting, I see the birdie and try catching it rather than tweeting. Thanks <head bonk>!

catnap My paws are tired. Time for a nap. How many more naps until Mommy comes home? If I have them all today, will she be home sooner? Then I can cuddle with her and purr in her ear!

Thanks for reading, <head bonk>!

Make it a purrfect day!


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Comment by Adam Jackson

September 18, 2008 @ 2:47 pm

Hi! What an awesome post. It made me laugh. I was trying to find friends that are going to BlogWorld that I can meet and chat about blogging and came across your blog. Have a safe flight to Vegas. What parties will you be attending?

Comment by Hera

September 18, 2008 @ 10:12 pm

Hi Faith!

Sorry to hear you are so lonely. Do you want to come over to my house and play nap?

Hey, do you keep your Mom up for a few nights crying when it’s bedtime? It’s fun! My Mom ends up sleeping on the couch to get me to be quiet. This makes it easier to wake someone up for breakfast!

Your Mom makes you say please for your supper? Mine makes me sit.

Gotta go, Mom has to get back to work.


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