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Filed under: General — by at 3:49 pm on Monday, May 2, 2011

My most upsetting moment on my recent trip to Austin wasn’t waiting four hours for a wheelchair taxi, getting on stage, or even missing my flight to San Diego.

My most upsetting moment was dropping and breaking my camera on Day 2 of South by Southwest (SxSW). I was lost without it. What is a blogger without a camera?

(Photo credit: Darrell Hyatt)

That devastating lost was soothed this weekend with a trip to Black’s and the purchase of the Olympus TG-310. Being waterproof and shockproof I can now drop it in a puddle without any ill effects. And, the red matches my scooter – colour is an important consideration when choosing a camera! 😉

Yesterday, during a brief spell of quasi spring weather, Darrell and I went on a photo wheel around our neighbourhood. Here are a few highlights:

These three trees are my favourite sign of spring in the neighbourhood. They will be loaded in pink blossoms in a few more days…

Trees on the verge of full bloom

Viewing the SkyTrain tracks from underneath is an interesting perspective, kind of artsy…

Our existing Whalley Library…

Small, old Whalley library

Our new library to open in the Fall. I can’t wait!

Large, modern Whalley library under construction

A brightly coloured touch of spring…

Red and yellow tulips

Darrell and I ended our pleasant photo wheel at Tim Horton’s, of course…

Tim Horton's coffee shop

Enjoying my mocha latte, I looked over at another table where a group of four had just sat down. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of my head. There on the table was a camera with, I swear, an 8-9 inch lens. I had instant camera envy! Sigh. One day…maybe… For now, I will enjoy my new red one.

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