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Filed under: Work — by at 3:09 pm on Sunday, June 19, 2011

For a change of scenery, I am writing this post from the noisy plane en route to Toronto – my first trip “back east”. This trip is not to attend a conference for a change, but rather to conduct an on-site web accessibility review for a client, which is what I do in my day job.

For the last thirteen years, since embarking on this self-employed, solopreneur journey, I have worked from the comforts of home; oftentimes, without meeting my clients face-to-face. Working in a cubicle for nearly two weeks will definitely be a change of pace – one I’m viewing as an opportunity to view life from the other side of the employment fence.

Having other people within sight will be a welcomed departure from the solo aspect of solopreneurship. The noise and other distractions of cubicle-dwelling, on the other hand, will probably test my ability to focus and concentrate. And, I’m not sure what I’ll without my CFO (Chief Feline Officer) holding down my papers and mooching for treats. But, the toughest part, at least for the first few days, may prove to be getting up at 6am eastern time – 3am my body time.

By the time I fly home on the 30th, I will have a better idea whether I am missing out on much, except for a regular paycheque, by taking the road less travelled.

Update: Yesterday’s flight was uneventful. My scooter arrived in one piece, although I had wait an hour for it to arrive in the baggage area (read: another hour without access to a washroom). I caught a wheelchair accessible taxi without a lengthy wait. The hotel room is adequately accessible (for me). And I’ve scoped out the route to the office. I am on a roll…!

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