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On Monday I welcomed you into my bright corner office and showed the essentials in my work day.

Glenda's work tableToday I’d like to continue the tour of my office, which encroaches upon the living room. In this area of my extended office, I package copies of my autobiography I’ll Do It Myself to mail to buyers.

  1. Robert, the Ficus: Why Robert? Robert Plant, of course! We’ve been together since moving into university residence on January 1, 1988.
  2. A partial full box of Glenda's bookBoxes of books: From the print run of 500 copies, there’s only 160 left. Except for a small percentage I have sold face-to-face, the rest have been been mailed to individuals across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and even as far away as Chile and Japan. I cherish the connection I have with each reader by personally packaging each book.

Glenda's work table for packaging books

  1. Paper cutter: Handy for slicing off the instructions from the shipping label created in PayPal.
  2. Weight scale: Used when calculating the postage for multiple-book orders.
  3. Business cards: I tuck a business card with “7 Tips for Communicating with People with Disabilities” into each book.
  4. Teddy bear: While at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Darrell and I watched a Dad win a carnival game and then give the prize teddy bear to his daughter. As they were walking away, she turned around and gave her prize to me. I keep the bear here as a reminder of how kind people can be.
  5. Mailing supplies: Padded envelopes, glue sticks and packing tape – everything I need for when a book is ordered.
  6. A framed photo of Grandma: She loved words and she loved reading. i like to think that she’d be proud her granddaughter had a book in Library and Archives Canada.
  7. A stack of books: Ready to go! The cover itself tells the story of my life.

And that’s my office…both parts of it. Thank you for stopping by.

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