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Finding Joy Again After Losing My Faith

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Glenda cuddling with Faith

Eight weeks ago Wednesday afternoon, my constant companion and friend for seventeen years, Faith, was gently removed from my lap. Since then, many, many tears have fallen.

Did you know that the chemical makeup of tears of sorrow or grief is quite different from tears of happiness or relief? And, that crying is as healthy for you physically as it is emotionally?

In her article The Health Benefits of Tears, Judith Orloff, M.D., shares “tears are a sign of courage, strength, and authenticity." Strangely, I don’t really feel courageous and brave with all of these tears streaming down my cheek. I actually feel the opposite: weak. vulnerable.

But I do love this bit:

Crying is also essential to resolve grief, when waves of tears periodically come over us after we experience a loss. Tears help us process the loss so we can keep living with open hearts. Otherwise, we are set up for depression if we suppress these potent feelings. When a friend apologized for curling up in the fatal position on my floor, weeping, depressed over a failing romance, I told her, “Your tears blessed my floor. There is nothing to apologize for.”

I find these words to be a relief and, actually, refreshing. Like, perhaps, I haven’t been in the wrong for being “too sensitive” all of my life.

Faith asleep on my desk

One reason for these tears is the loss of the pure joy that Faith freely gave to me all of these years.

  • Her purring. What sound creates more pure joy than a kitty’s purr?
  • Her presence. She was never too far away.
  • Her closeness. Curling up in bed to read with her right beside me.
  • Her kitty kisses. Too early in the morning.
  • Her warmth and softness. Nap times on the couch.
  • Her beauty. And her captivating big green eyes.

Since May 22nd, I haven’t felt like curling up with a book. The last book I read was Rod Stewart’s autobiography back in April with Faith purring beside me; I thoroughly enjoyed that time together. I haven’t even sat on the couch since Faith was taken from my arms. Napping there would not be the same now. I desperately miss her joyous purr and regret that I didn’t record it and didn’t take more videos of her. (I thought I would have more time with her to do that.)

Those moments of joy can not be replaced. I hope, eventually, those memories will bring a smile rather than tears.

Purple petunias with white edgesFor now, I am trying to find joy elsewhere:

  • Taking time to appreciate the flowers on my deck and how the purple petunias with white edges remind me of the colourful frilly skirts worn by square dancers.
  • Going on photo wheels with Darrell.
  • Listening to Rod Stewart’s newest CD. He is still my fav, even after reading his autobiography.
  • Spending time talking with my loving and extremely patient Darrell over an iced mocha.

I am sure the list will slowly grow with time.

What brings you joy? How do you find joy again after such a loss? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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Appreciating Our Tiny Corner of Canada

Filed under: Motivation — by at 11:57 pm on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday, Canada Day, was a beautiful day for a photo wheel around False Creek in Vancouver.

These photo wheels are giving us a way to get out together to enjoy and to appreciate our local surroundings, on a budget we can afford. Now that is a lifestyle!

Here are the highlights. Be sure to click on each image to enlarge.

For some unexplainable reason, I found the “Now Selling” sign on the incomplete building amusing. I am always amazed when condo buildings sell out before they are built. How do you know, for sure, what you’re buying for several hundred of thousands of dollars?

Building under construction

My man enjoying his second love…

Darrell taking photos

A rather stiff individual…

A person carved into a tree stump, silvered with age

One of Vancouver’s icons: the “golf ball”, aka as Science World:

Science World

Wandering along the walkway, beautiful music was drifting from somewhere. We discovered the “piano man” playing at a “civic studio”, which invites anyone to sit down and tickle the ivories for a while. What a cool initiative!

Man playing a piano under the trees

The “golf ball” from another angle…

Science World viewed from afar, between two industrial light posts

A little further along, a group of costumed men appeared and started dancing. They were cycling around False Creek and dancing at random locations. This one happened to be next to the pub. Mere coincidence, I think not. As this was now the hottest time of the day….and, man, it was hot!…Darrell and I also stopped at a cafe…for a leisurely iced mocha. 

Men in ethnic costume dancing

Even though Darrell and I live in the city, mainly for the physical accessibility, our life is not void of the green of nature, which is all around us, if we take the time to look. I am intrigued by the layers in the following landscapes:the greenness, the water and boats, the cityscape and the mountains in the background. Beautiful!

Grasses in the foreground, BC Place Stadium in the background and False Creek in between

Purple flowers in the foreground, bridge in the background

Grassy shores, two Canadian geese on the water and cityscape in the distance

Grassy shoreline with towers in the distance

Canadian geese in the foreground, False Creek, cityscape and mountains in the background

The natural shoreline with the cityscape in the distance

“…God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…

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