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Upgrading to an iPad 2? Change a Life with Your Old iPad

Filed under: General — by at 6:37 pm on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Since buying my iPad last April, I have shared many of my experiences and insights on how the device has impacted my life:

In preparing to my two upcoming presentations – “The Untapped iPad Market: Is Your Site POUR?“ on March 13th and “The New AAC (Assistive and Augmentative Communication): Cheap and Disruptive?” on March 17th – I have read numerous stories of how the iPad is changing the lives of others with disabilities.

Here are a few of the stories I will share in my presentation on March 13th:

Byron had a stroke, losing use of his right arm and right leg and his ability to speak. After using the iPad and Proloquo2Go – the same app I use – for only three days, he could express his food and drink choices, his name and address, and, more importantly, his personal needs – like needing to go to the bathroom and where he has pain. This minimizes frustration for both him and his wife Cindy as he is now clearly understood and she isn’t trying to second guess what he wants.

Leo is 9 years old with intense autism. His Mom explains, “He is not conversational, he learns very slowly, and he has been prone to violent outbursts.”

Leo had shown interest in the iPod Touch, but its 3.5-inch screen was difficult for his fingers to navigate. Within a month of his Mom winning an iPad, Leo had mastered apps designed to teach spelling, counting, drawing, making puzzles, remembering pictures, and more. The iPad has also been used to teach manners and to distract his attention prior to outbursts.

Leo can’t use a pen or pencil very well, because, like many autistic children, he has problems grasping small items. Before the iPad, his most advanced drawing was a smiley face with legs. Now, using the DrawFree app, there’s ears, hats, arms, fingers, and toes!

At 10am, April 5, 2010, an iPad landed on the desk of American Federation for the Blind’s technology associate Brad Hodges for him to review for an upcoming article. In his “24 Hours with the iPad”, he shares, “On that night, I purchased a book from a book store, exactly as my sighted neighbors and colleagues would. …I believe the advent of accessible iBooks will be viewed by future generations as one of the landmark events in the lives of the blind.”

If you are considering upgrading to an iPad 2, consider renewing  the life of your old one by passing it on to someone who could benefit by having an iPad, and, quite possibly change a life in the process.

Here are a few suggestions of where your iPad may be greatly received:

  • A family with a child with a disability: Even though the child may have a communication device at school, oftentimes the device cannot be brought home, leaving the child voiceless during non-school hours.
  • A special ed class for several children to use.
  • A rehab centre.
  • A day program for adults with disabilities.
  • An employment program for people with disabilities to aid with their job search. An iPad would have been so helpful when I went for job interviews. Perhaps I may have landed a job.
  • A friend or relative who has had stroke or other injury and who may benefit from using an iPad.

The possibilities are endless… Go with where your values are – whether it’s helping people with disabilities, people who are homeless or financially strapped, a struggling small business, a new  non-profit – and give your old iPad a new life, rather than leaving it to collect dust with those other gadgets that you’ve outgrown.

A big thanks goes to Jon Swanson for initiating this idea on Twitter earlier today!

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Letter to Santa 2010

Filed under: General — by at 4:36 pm on Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Santa,
I’m writing this while waiting for the flight to Honolulu for a much needed and a well-deserved holiday with my sweet husband.
2010 was awesome and amazing! More than I expected.
I am not in want for anything. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, a cuddly kitty, friends and family around the world, a beautiful home and adequately stocked cupboards. What more do I need?
All that I’d like to ask for is that my friends and family are blessed in the one way they need most.
Thank you and Merry Christmas.
love, Glenda

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Wordless Wednesday

Filed under: General — by at 9:00 am on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sun shining through tall fir trees

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New Growth and New Opportunities Abound in My Community of Whalley

Filed under: General — by at 3:34 pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After countless late nights working on countless projects, yesterday I unchained myself from my desk and escaped over to the mall. Actually I headed over to Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Surrey campus, connected to Central City Mall, to watch Mayor Watts officially unveil designs for the new City Hall and Community Plaza.

Mayor Watts unveiling model of Surrey's new city hall

Artist rendering of Surrey's new city hall and plaza
(Image from City of Surrey’s media kit)

Also being built is a 75,000 square foot library, adjacent to City Hall:

Architect's model of Surrey's new library

Construction of the library is well underway:

Surrey's library under construction

The library's first floor is going up

Surrey library construction site

I’m eagerly awaiting the library’s opening scheduled for the fall of 2011. I miss losing myself for hours in library stacks.

The City Hall will open in fall 2013.

This skyline view from SFU will dramatically change in coming years:

View from Simon Fraser University - Surrey Campus

I’m excited to see this growth happening in Whalley, our less-than-shiny corner of Surrey. The area is growing up around Darrell and I, making more services and facilities accessible to us within our own community. Exciting!

Maybe I’ll run for City Council now that City Hall will be mere blocks away…

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Letter to Santa 2009

Filed under: General — by at 11:35 pm on Thursday, December 24, 2009

Three candles burning in the windowDear Santa,

Christmas cards have been mailed, gifts wrapped, and dinner planned. All that remains, before tucking myself in for a long winter’s nap, is to write you a quick note.

Once again I am stumped what to write. I do not have a long list of gifts that I would like under the tree. You see, I have everything I could want or need – and then some.

The only one thing that I would like to ask for is that my family and friends, near and far, receive the one gift that they truly need at this point in their life’s journey.

Wishing you and the reindeer a safe trip. Merry Christmas!

With love from, 

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