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Last Leg of Virtual Book Tour a Whirlwind

Filed under: Virtual Book Tour — by at 2:53 pm on Monday, March 12, 2007

I have fond memories of camping with my family in Golden Ears Park, near Maple Ridge.
(Photo Credit: Greater Vancouver Parks)

On this beautiful day, I virtually trekked out to Maple Ridge in the Fraser Valley to chat with Harmony Cornwell, a freelance writer. Even though we live only miles apart, we actually met on Liz Lewis’ blog in New Zealand!

In my interview with Harmony, I share how embrace a positive mental attitude, how to tune out naysayers, and the highlight from my virtual book tour so far.

Pier in Brighton, UK
(Photo Credit: World Guide to Brighton)

With Rod Stewart still on my mind after Saturday’s rockin’ concert, it seems fitting that I jump across the pond to Great Britain to pop in on Niqui Merret in Brighton. Niqui is a Flash consultant focused on accessibility. We chat briefly about what I use the internet for, my favourite websites, and my one request for web developers and designers.

Thank you, Harmony and Niqui, for an exciting day on tour!

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A Reason to Believe

Filed under: Virtual Book Tour — by at 2:03 am on Monday, March 12, 2007

Saturday night was a much needed break from my virtual book tour as I spent another great evening with Rod Stewart! I was happy to see he still has it! (Not owning a cell phone with a camera, I, unfortunately, do not have any illicit photos to share.) He began the evening by announcing that he was not going to do any song from the American Songbook; that he was going to stick with rock, which he does best. I agree. It was a night of music that reverberated through my breastbone and my soul! My legs are even sore from dancing in my scooter! A great way to be reminded I’m still very much alive!

With recent discussions about following one’s dream, Rod is a great example of someone who took a risk and followed the road less taken. As a teen, he had two passions: football (soccer) and music. He choose music and stuck with it. Unlike today’s era of “instant Idols”, he did his time busking on street corners and playing with small bands in small, smoky bars until discovered by Long John Baldry, who I regret not seeing perform even though he lived in Vancouver for several years. After singing with a few more bands and a few solo albums, his big break was when a disc jockey took a chance by playing the B-side of a single, introducing the world to “Maggie May”. The rest is music history. At age 62, Rod still says, “I love what I do.”

We would have missed out on great music had Rod not believed in his musical gift, had he not overcome his fear of singing in front of large audiences and had that one dj had not played the flip-side. What might the world miss out on if you don’t believe

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Taking a Positive Attitude Around the World

Filed under: Virtual Book Tour — by at 5:51 pm on Friday, March 9, 2007

Today my “40 Blogs in 40 (Business) Days” book tour finds me traveling virtually to Beresford, South Dakota, to speak with freelance writer Alyice Edrich. On one of her three blogs, she interviews with authors, literary agents, business people, and photographers. I was excited that she agreed to interview me when I asked.

In our interview, I offer some advice on how individuals, who have been told they wouldn’t amount to much, can begin to find value in themselves. It all about attitude: tuning out the negative ones and embracing the positive ones, which can be so empowering. Enjoy the interview.

World map showing the most visitors to this blog
The most recent visitors – thank you!

This wraps the seventh week of my eight-week virtual book tour. I would like to thank you all for following along. I’m amazed by how people from around the world are finding my blog. The power of the blogoshpere!

Saturday night Darrell and I are going to see Rod Stewart in concert. This will be my fifth or sixth time seeing him. How can you tell he is my favourite? It’ll be a great break and I’ll return re-energized for the final week of this book tour. Have a great weekend! I sure will. 😉

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Perseverance is Glenda’s Word for the Week

Filed under: Virtual Book Tour — by at 9:56 pm on Thursday, March 8, 2007

(Photo Credit:

Today’s virtual book tour stop had me in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I had the pleasure of speaking with Lori Arriaga of Christian Women’s Resources. Lori reaches out to women through several different means online to give inspiration in order to help strengthen the homes and families.

In our chat, I share how my parents’ philosophy “Glenda to the world and the world to Glenda”, and their support and encouragement contributed to my fairly normal and full life, despite my physical limitations. Perseverance seemed like an appropriate word for the week. Have a listen to today’s podcast;
a transcript is also available
for those preferring to read it.

I would like to give a special thanks to my wonderful husband Darrell who has given me the tools so that I can now podcast, despite my significant speech impairment. Two years ago, I didn’t dream I could podcast. Now I can! Thanks dear.

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Author with Cerebral Palsy Shares How Her Virtual Relationships Can Be More Meaningful

Filed under: Virtual Book Tour — by at 6:16 pm on Wednesday, March 7, 2007

(Skyline of Houston, Texas)
(Photo Credit:

Today I am traveling virtually to Tariq Khan’s Kitchen Table in Houston, Texas. We met during Liz Strauss’ interview with me. My comment, “Look beyond what is wrong with me and see what is right. You may be pleasantly surprised,” caught his attention and prompted him to write Choosing to Live Rather Than Whine.

Tariq then kindly invited me to come to chat around his kitchen table. Isn’t that where the most meaningful, interesting and engaging discussions are held? Not in the board room or government house! During our time together, I shared my challenges when relating to people face-to-face, my frustrations in dealing with misconstrued stereotypes and how the web has enabled me to have deeper relationships.

Please kindly welcome Tariq to the blogoshpere by reading some of his other posts and leaving your comments. His writing offers much wisdom.

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