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Live from BlogWorld – Day 1

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G’day from Vegas! We’ve had a great time, so far – more later. Today’s b5 Media sessions; I’ll share nuggets in point form. Please bear with me – typing on my laptop isn’t great.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • keyword-rich titles w/o overdoing
  • image descriptions
  • subheadings w/ keywords
  • categories
  • tags – no more than 2 lines per post, more specific than categories

Tips on Interviews:

  • Why?: free content, more credibility, become more of an expert, plug for subject, might get an exclusive
  • How? PR agencies might approach you – more for celebs, good to be different/unique angle, be prepared w/ blog details, start locally/small
  • Process? Do research, original/interesting questions/theme, tell a story, be professional, stay w/ your time limit, don’t show till final draft, act natural and have conversation
  • Follow up? Keep contact, cultivate relationships, send links, keep any promises

Attracting Readers:

  • Darren Rowse, ProBlogger – kicking myself for forgetting his book!
  • what need is my blog fulfilling?
  • content =unique + useful
  • i00ndividual attention to readers you already have – feature readers
  • create a sticky blogs – ‘sneeze’ them thru your blog
  • identify your ”doorway" posts – optimize
  • build anticipation – series, highlight past posts, competitions, newsletter about blog news/stats
  • where are potential readers gathering? how can I participate?
  • guest posts, feed into twitter, forums, pitch other bloggers – careful, leverage online presence, contests, awards, meet ups, submit to local media/newsletters, present at workshops, squidoo, free report, newsletter, preempt stories, interview, swap blogs, socnet, writing projects, promote posts v blogs, use names
  • Muhammad – writing for social media
  • know your audience
  • create original and  evergreen content
  • thank& linkers
  • 10 second rule – diagonal readers
  • prepopulate social media buttons – how?
  • be the definitive resource

Lunch = cheese danish + mocha frappuccino from Starbucks. Just what this athetoid needs right now…sugar = even more shaky!

b5 Advisory Board Q&A:

  • blogosphere is changing, more specific/niche-oriented; twitter more liberating
  • links are a social gesture
  • friendfeed =decentralized moderation

Demos by b5 partners:

  • OutBrane – widget for readers to rate posts and to provide recommended posts – some external links, 2-way traffic op – your links on other blogs [question: if send readers away, how does that create stickiness?]
  • Widgetbox – allows anyone to create widgets, very cool way to increase traffic [note to self: check pets channel]
  • Lijit – search application, results appear in overlay window [how accessible are these things?]
  • picapp – free access to visual content legally, eventually will include ads under  pics

Copyright & Image Use:

  • images are copyrighted = can’t use, owned by photographer
  • exceptions: public domain, creative commons license (i.e. flickr – read terms!) to enhance posts not for sole content
  • ask for permission – keep a record
  • fair use – no standard definition, only guidelines, not w/ images
  • plagiarism rules still apply

Social Media Tools & Tips:

  • 1/2hr per day, need to experiment
  • not all content is submit worthy
  • participate!
  • each site has its own manners
  • Redditt: submit to sub-redditt, low engagement
  • StumbleUpon – great way to leverage to other media sites
  • Digg – more effort/strategy
  • launches next week
  • [note to self: follow @pointlessbanter]

Staying Focused & Healthy as a Blogger:

  • set goals to maintain clear vision
  • why do you blog, what do you want from blogging, who are you blogging for, what do you bring to it, how do you measure success
  • blog calendar to track multiple blogs
  • take time off – yep, 4 days offline in Vegas, baby!
  • celebrate milestones and achievement – create a work log, keep a kudos files [i.e. emails], start a rewards journal, make it public, celebrate others’ success

Seen: Suzie Cheel, Des Walsh, Jim Turner, Rick Calvert, Liz Strauss, Chris Brogan, Wendy Piersall

Party time! More tomorrow…

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Comment by Scott Duehlmeier

September 19, 2008 @ 8:45 pm

Awesome recap Glenda! Now I feel like I was there for it. Great notes and useful info. Thanks for the in-depth report. I’m going to find you tomorrow. Love to attend something with you. Talk soon!

Comment by Lori-ann

September 19, 2008 @ 9:03 pm

Wow! Sounds like your head must be swimming already. What a lot of content to cover. Have fun!

Comment by Joanna Young

September 20, 2008 @ 2:24 am

Thanks for sharing your learning points. Make sure you enjoy the partying now!

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