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7 Ways to Help Neighbours Shut in During Worst Canadian Winter in Years

Filed under: Living with a disability — by at 12:05 am on Sunday, January 4, 2009

View from my home office window a few snow falls ago

Today marked Week Three of being cooped up inside during the worst Canadian winter in my lifetime. The decorative strips in the windows are feeling more like prison bars.

Thankfully Mom brought in a load of groceries last Sunday. We have plenty of food for a few more weeks. And, we do have neighbours we can call on should we need anything.

Others with disabilities, particularly with physical disabilities, and seniors may be more isolated, even if they live in the city. Meals on Wheels haven’t been able to deliver every day, leaving many seniors without hot meals. HandyDART doesn’t run in some areas when it snows. Sidewalks and curbcuts are impassable, further restricting people from being out and about in their community.

Even though the tinsel and garland have been put away, please extend the Christmas spirit by checking in on your neighbours, especially those living alone. Let them know you would be happy to:

  • shovel the driveway and walkways,
  • fetch the mail,
  • take out the garbage and recycling,
  • pick up groceries (and prescriptions or medical supplies),
  • run urgent errands, and
  • prepare a few meals.

Talking over a cup of tea or watching a movie together can make the long winter days less lonely and isolating.

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