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Swine Flu Zaps My Bloggy Energy

Filed under: Blogging — by at 6:50 pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Man, this swine flu has zapped my energy! i barely have energy to do anything and that is getting frustrating. My blog, my baby, requires consistent attention – something I love doing, for the most part – but even my creative juices have slowed down. I will return to sharing my journey from special ed classroom to university graduate and the next big milestone in “Love at First Sound Byte” (my next book title?) once I’m feeling better.

Oprah's puppy Sadie outside of Harpo StudiosFor your reading pleasure, I’d like to leave you with three special memories from 2009:

  1. Close Encounter with Oprah
  2. Celebrating Women of Distinction
  3. Dreams Do Come True – With a Little Help from Friends

What memories hold a special place in your heart for 2009?

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