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Experiencing the Olympic Torch – Take 2

Filed under: Living with a disability,Motivation,Vancouver Winter Games — by at 11:59 am on Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two firetrucks with ladders up and a Canadian flag hanging between them

After patiently waiting 101 days, Surrey’s turn to celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay finally came to Holland Park on Monday night. Twenty thousand people meant twenty thousands bums. Even though Darrell and I were close to the front, we could see nothing, not even the large screen. Well, nothing except for bums.

People didn’t move to let us through in our wheelchairs. I even tapped a cop on his arm and asked for help, but he brushed me off.

I was very disappointed, having wanted to see the torch live. In the last moment I did stand up to see whatever I could. But I felt guilty because my husband could not stand up; he saw nothing, except bums.

In my eyes, the only redeeming aspect of the evening was gold medalist wrestler Daniel Igali lit the community cauldron. Daniel also attended my alma mater Simon Fraser University; I felt that connection.

Surrey's Central City tower decked with Olympic Games building wrap Not too often in life do we get a second chance, an opportunity for a redo. However, Tuesday morning I had such an opportunity – and I snatched it without second consideration!

The Olympic Torch Relay continued through Surrey, a few blocks from home, on its way to New Westminster. I took my place on the street corner, like millions of other Canadians have during the longest Olympic Torch Relay in history. This time I actually saw the torch!

And even managed to shoot this video on my little Nikon Coolpix:

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Comment by Adelaide Dupont

February 10, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

That must have been a great opportunity.

To the people who didn’t let the wheelchairs through: SHAME!

It was great to read about the gold medallist who was an Old Boy of Simon Fraser.

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