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All Tied in Knots After a 4-Hour Workday: Making Time for Renewing an Old Hobby

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One handicraft I learned way back in Brownies was macramé. I liked it because it was something I could do. I’d spend hours sitting on the living room floor, my project tied to the couch leg, knotting jute cord. Over the years I’ve macramed wall hangings, holders plant holders and such.

My last project was a door pull, long before I was married. The door pull eventually wore out a few years ago; I have been struggling with closing our front door since then.

I have kept my eyes open for more cord to make a new one, but, except for nylon clothesline cord that wasn’t very exciting, I could not find anything suitable. Does no one macramé any more?

Spool of purple cord and beads on bookshelfA year or more ago, Mom found nearly a full spool of purple cord and a package of wooden beads in her favourite thrift store. Purple, yes! Now we are talking.

But there it sat on my bookshelf, within view from my desk, taunting me. Tempting me to create something with it, something in my favourite colour. But I always had something else to do.

The spool sat on the shelf until well into February when I could take its taunting no longer. I googled the ratio needed for macramé cord length (my memory hadn’t failed me – the suggested ratio was still 7:1), turned off my computer after my four hours of work and got busy.

Knowing I wanted the final product to be, roughly, two feet long, I placed the exercise bike fourteen feet away from Darrell’s power wheelchair (here’s where having one-foot square parquet hardwood comes in handy), measured out four strands and cut. There was no turning back now.

Purple cord strung between exercise bike and wheelchair

Initially this middle-aged woman took a while to rediscover the neuron pathways created decades ago. At one point I had to remind myself that I was merely tying the reef knot, not developing a replacement for Google.

Once I found my groove, I couldn’t wait to finish my four-hour workday to get back to my macramé. With my computer shut down and my music on, I had no desire to check my email, hang out on Twitter or update my status on Facebook. I was content, happy, in the moment. . I even found myself totally loosing track of time, which hasn’t happened in eons.

Partially completed macreme displayed on table

The door pull is now complete and hanging on the door. It works great and looks pretty good too!

Purple door pull hanging on white front door

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Comment by Ashana

June 10, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

I found your blog while looking for information about a lady who visited my class when I was in sixth grade. It was a long time ago, definitely before the internet, so I didn’t expect to find anything. She had beautiful long hair and did macrame by using her feet, because she could not use her hands. She showed us that everyone has gifts to share with the world. Anyway, I wanted to encourage my best friend who is having a hard time right now. She is a single mom of a three-year-old boy and she has a couple of disabilities. She is usually happy, but has been struggling a bit. She is one of the best people in the world I’ve met and I want her to know that she is a great mom. I am going to share this blog with her, because you seem to have the same independent spirit that she has (and that I should have more of).

Comment by Glenda

June 10, 2013 @ 7:24 pm

Ashana, welcome! “Everyone has gifts to share” – how true! I wish your friend well; thank you for being there to encourage her.

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