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A Guide for the Book Lover: The Overlooked Cheerleader in Amazon Marketing Strategies

Filed under: 4-Hour Workday — by at 12:57 am on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One key to making the 4-Hour Workday a success is to efficiently use the tools that I choose to use, and, surprisingly, that includes Amazon. Unless an author has a humongous following, simply uploading a book to Amazon means that it will most definitely be lost amidst the millions of other titles vying for book lovers’ attention and money.

The good news is that authors can do much to increase the likelihood their books will be found. This is particularly good news for indie authors who are working with a thinly worn shoestring budget.

Thanks to Michelle Vandepas’ Amazon Bootcamp and other research that I have done over the last couple of months, I have discovered easy-to-implement tips and tricks to increase my Amazon exposure and ranking, and, subsequently, book sales. In fact, the last several weeks have been been the best yet since uploading my autobiography I’ll Do It Myself to Amazon in December 2010. I won’t mislead you by saying sales are staggering; they aren’t, yet. But, I am awaiting a royalty cheque; my second in two years. Woohoo!

However, in learning how to use Amazon efficiently, I have discovered that one boundless energetic resource is glaringly overlooked in these strategies, and that is the raving, cheering book readers who would do almost anything to promote their favourite books. Amazon book readers play a crucial role in the success of a book, if only they knew how to cheer effectively.

A Guide to Sharing Your Favourite Amazon BooksFor this reason I am excited to release Become a Raving, Cheering Book Lover: A Guide to Sharing Your Favourite Amazon Books (PDF). This guide offers 7 easy-to-implement ways (with simple and clear instructions) you can use to share your latest read with others.

The guide is absolutely free. (No email address, personal measurements or first born required!)

Please share freely among your fellow authors, book lovers and book clubs.

Happy reading and happy sharing!

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